d3photo.com Downloads Policy

Since the start of the 2013-14 academic year we have recieved countless requests from student athletes and family members for instructions on how to download photos for free, questions about why our photos aren't free, and many others similar to those.

Photos with Watermarks:
Starting April 12, 2014, all users that have created an account and signed in to it can download a 500-pixel copy of our watermarked photo. When you are signed in to your account you can click on the "Download" button and then click on link below "Low-Res Comp Download".

Our Policy:
d3photo.com does not provide images to students, student-athletes, parents, family members or friends of those depicted in the photographs on this website of NCAA events in accordance with NCAA Bylaw 16.02.3 (Extra Benefits).

d3photo.com provides a copy of smaller images to each school in each regular season event played under the NCAA rules, but not NCAA-sanctioned games (playoffs, regional meets, championships). They are only for use of the Athletic, Communications and Marketing offices for the schools and may not be transferred to other media organizations without the expressed written permission of d3photo.com. Use of our images without copyright or without the proper copyright is considered theft and an invoice per use of up to $500 per image will be submitted to your communications office along with a copy of this email. For NCAA tournament events: NCAA licensing limits photos of NCAA championship events to editorial and school use only and may not be re-distributed under any circumstances per direction of office of Corporate and Broadcast Alliances at the NCAA. d3photo.com does not distribute photos from NCAA events, however may be hired for specific games. Single team games start at $150, all-day events start at $500.

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